Ridgway Space to Create Survey

Ridgway, Colorado



We are interested in the needs of all individuals who have a sincere commitment to their art, craft, cultural or creative work or practice, in any and all of its forms. If you consider your work to be a form of art or cultural or creative expression, then we probably will too.

Individuals need not make any income from their creative, art, craft, or cultural work, or pursue their practice full time. We consider individuals to have a commitment to their creative, art, craft, or cultural work if they have or are developing a body of work, have studied or are actively training in their art/creative work, have a desire to grow as an artist or work professionally in their creative field and/or are actively engaged in the creation and expression of their art or culture. Some creatives operate as a small business and their individual creative space needs are the same as their business needs. If this is you, please respond to this survey only as a creative (select the first response option in question 1 of the survey). 


Creative Organizations and Businesses

We are interested in hearing from leaders and owners (not employees or members) of organizations and businesses with organizational or business space needs that would NOT be met by space for individual creatives (e.g. studio or live/work space). The types of space needed by organizations and businesses could include, for example, meeting space for members, commercial space for private offices or retail, and/or co-working space for employees.

Business examples include: recording studios, galleries, film production companies, architectural and graphic design firms, art supply stores, bookstores, coffee houses, cafes, retailers of locally made artists’ creations, arts or culinary schools, photography studios, casting offices, hair design studios, yoga studios, makerspace or co-working business, etc.

Organization examples include: dance/theatre companies, artist service organizations, writers’ groups, museums, music/heritage/fringe festivals, artist collectives/cooperatives, choirs/ choral groups, historical societies, woodworking guilds, culture bearing and ethnic focused arts nonprofits, social service organizations with arts programming, etc.