Antony De Gennaro is a musician, photographer & film/ video producer and resident of Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts in Seattle since 2004. 

Antony was born and raised in New Jersey and found music early on. Photography became an interest for him high school. He moved to Seattle, WA to attend college and have been merging the mediums of sound and visuals there ever since.

Antony is fascinated with how the world of imagination can affect our world, and views art as a bridge between his perception of these two places. He enjoys painting with cameras and musical instruments.  

Antony attended the New School Of Social Research in NYC from 1985 -1986, and Cornish College of the Arts from 1986 - 1989. 

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Angkor Wat

Asteroid Park

Hyde Park Snow


Shadow in a Sun Filled Room

Tulips in Wonderland

Unified Fields

Water Tree

Honolulu Aquarium