Mark Whitlock

Photography, Artspace Hamilton Lofts

Photography has always been a passion of Mark's; he's been taking pictures since 1975. Five years ago Mark had three brain aneurysms and lost his memory along with his ability to do most of the things we all consider "simple" such as writing, talking, walking, etc. Mark did remember how to do one thing: take photographs. Mark views this tragedy as a gift because not only did he have the skill to take images before and after the event, but now he found the passion and purpose behind it. Mark saw his God given talent to take pictures as a blessing and feels God left this ability for him to stay focused on doing good work with deep meaning.
Mark wanted to give back so he started his business Mark 3110 Photos. The number 3110 has particular significance for Mark; 3/1/10 is the date of his brain aneurysms and has transformed this number to stand for something positive and sustaining.  
Mark found Artspace Hamilton Lofts and realized is was the place where he could really make his artwork and his business happen. He felt this was the place that he could be inspired by other artists and develop not only himseld himself but his passion to take pictures. Artspace has given him a chance to fulfill his dreams. Mark says that seeing people's reactions to his work brings such joy to his life that he finds inspiring. He loves to walk around Hamilton and take pictures of the beautiful city that he calls home. Mark found the Fitton Center for Creative Arts on one of these walks and started taking some photography classes there. Mark is in the process of creating his very first website.  
Mark says that he is never done learning and wants to take every opportunity to keep growing and learning all he can to fufill life and God's purpose.  

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