Arts Market Survey

Carbondale, Colorado

Who are artists and creatives?

All self-identified artists, creatives, and cultural bearers who have a sincere commitment to their art, creative and cultural work in any and all of its forms should take the survey. If you consider your work to be a form of art or creative expression, then Artspace probably does too. 

Residents of Artspace buildings represent a diverse cross-sector of the population. They are all ages and ethnicities. They range from veterans, formerly homeless, retirees, service workers, recent graduates, teachers, parents—and they happen to have a strong commitment to their creative work or practice. Individuals do not need to earn any income from their art or creative work or pursue their practice full-time to be eligible for this survey or any eventual Artspace development. A look across Arts Market Surveys that Artspace has completed in the past 15 years shows that fewer than 10% of artist respondents make 100% of income through their art.