Artspace Event Page Submission Form

If you live or work in an Artspace building, we’d love to include your event on the event page of our website and in our social media! We often do highlighted events in our newsletter and share our artists work with friends of Artspace: funders, donors, and the public in general on social media. It’s easy to get started - just fill out the form below and follow the instructions to upload two event posters/photos.

** We ask for two weeks notice before the event to publish the page and get the word out on media.

Your email or phone number in case we have questions
Type (various times) if it is a long running show.
Please put the month, date, year of event. This might include an exhibition opening and a month-long running show, in which case you would enter (ex. Reception 4pm-6pm on Feb 14, 2016 and exhibition Feb 14 - March 14, 2016.) If you have a performance with multiple dates, type the range (ex. Feb 14-March 14) and place either a link to the ticket/time schedule or copy and past it in the "body" of the next box.
One - three paragraphs about the event. See examples on our event page. If you have many event times, include that here.
This is a horizontal image that is the "cover" or main image of the event
This is the image that appears on the event page itself. It can be a postcard/poster or image of any format, horizontal or vertical.
This can also be a page to "learn more" about you, the work, or the facility.

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