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The Artist Impact: An Artspace National Story Series

These in-depth articles include artists' stories, share the impact of artists on their diverse communities, and delve into the importance of artist live/work housing in fostering stability, vitality and creativity in urban and rural areas across the United States.


The Art of Creative Placemaking: An Artspace Report

Best practices in affordable artist housing

Our goal in sharing our best practices is to help orient other practitioners and communities that are interested in artist-led community transformation. Through collaboration and sharing of ideas, we can all impact the future and success of creative placemaking. 

Northern Warehouse report

Artspace's Northern Warehouse: 1990-2042

A Case Study in Sustainable Creative Placemaking

What happens to artists and arts organizations who help create value in a community only to find that they can no longer afford to remain within it? This report showcases Artspace's long-term stewardship of the Northern Warehouse Artists' Cooperative in St. Paul, where we have created a model for sustainability in creative placemaking.  

Creative Placemaking report

Taking A Measure of Creative Placemaking

An Artspace Report

This report is an overview of the findings of Metris Arts Consulting's studies How Artist Space Matters and How Art Spaces Matter II. This report summarizes Metris Arts Consulting's in-depth examination of five Artspace projects: the Northern Warehouse Artists’ Cooperative, the Tilsner Artists’ Cooperative, the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art, the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts, and the Riverside Artist Lofts.

Artspace Project Portfolio (pdf, 4 MB)

This Project Portfolio illustrates the result of decades of work by Artspace, as well as our continued growth. With approximately 45 projects completed or in development, we are proud to be the nation’s leader in artist-led community transformation.


Artspace 2015 Year-End Review

As Artspace enters its 37th year of operation, we're proud of what we've accomplished. This year has been one of continued growth, sustained affordability and new opportunities for artists and their families.