The Artist Impact: An Artspace National Story Series

The Line

Artspace partners with the national online publisher Issue Media Group, which is the parent company to The Line in the Twin Cities. Together, IMG, Artspace and The Line craft artists' stories, share the impact of artists on their diverse communities, and delve into the importance of artist live/work housing in fostering stability, vitality and creativity in urban and rural areas across the United States. 


So artists can celebrate themselves: Artspace's remarkable work with cultural communities

Camille LeFevre, The Line

In 2008, in another effort to find a profile-raising strategy, Takamine visited theartist live/work projects in Seattle developed by Artspace, a nonprofit real-estate developer based in Minneapolis. The evening she stopped at the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts/Tashiro Arts Building, her life changed.


Cohorts, capacity building, creative communities: the evolution of Artspace’s geographic approach

Camille LeFevre, The Line

"Artspace has embraced all of our needs, wants and concepts. I can’t speak highly enough about their commitment and willingness to take a process they’ve perfected—building by building—and enter into a partnership with the state and our foundation to move their approach in a new direction.” –Tim Schultz, President of the Boettcher Foundation 


Is affordable artist live/work housing the new normal?

Camille LeFevre, The Line

In cities across the U.S., one of the most potent forces for urban renewal is the intrepid, resourceful, indefatigable artist. 


Artists can be the "connective tissue" of a neighborhood, but first need affordable housing

Camille LeFevre, The Line

It’s a winning combination: artists plus affordable housing with studio space in which to create; in a project that also includes a gallery or performance space, or with these amenities next door; in a historic building or struggling neighborhood in need of revitalization.

Photo: James Shanks

Funding, policy, persuasion, need: how Artspace gets affordable artist live/work housing done

Camille LeFevre, The Line

The Cox family leapt at the opportunity to live in Artspace Jackson Flats not only because of the physical space, “but also because of the goal of the building,” Adam says, “which is about connectivity between residents, about creating community.”


Practitioners and partners: Artspace evolves Breaking Ground into "idea lab" that celebrates artists

Camille LeFevre, The Line

Do you know why women and girl storytellers are the most powerful innovators in creative industries today—not just as artists, but also as community gatherers, media makers and producers? Or why arts organizations have a responsibility to encourage artists to advocate for themselves? All will be revealed during Artspace’s annual Breaking Ground event.