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Nonprofit group visits Woodstock to help determine use for Old Courthouse, Sheriff's House

Hannah Prokop, Northwest Herald

People in Woodstock are motivated to find a solution on how to use the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House, Wendy Holmes said, but the city just needs a little bit of technical assistance to get there.


El Taller Latino Americano brings students to El Barrio

El Taller Latino Americano, located in El Barrio's Artspace PS109, is partnering with resident artists and Medgar Evers College Preparatory School for an immersive education experience in El Barrio.


Race and housing in the Twin Cities: Don't underestimate the value of building spaces for artists

Kelley Lindquist, Artspace Projects

In virtually every case, we’ve run up against people who have opposed the idea of artist housing, perhaps because they don’t believe artists add value to communities, or in some cases because they don’t accept that many artists — of all backgrounds — are genuinely poor and facing extreme hardship.


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The Artist Impact: An Artspace National Story Series

This series of articles in The Line tell artists' stories, share the impact of artists on their diverse communities, and delve into the importance of artist live/work housing in fostering stability, vitality and creativity in urban and rural areas across the United States.