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El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

An Artspace Project for East Harlem

215 E. 99th Street, New York, NY, 10029

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El Barrio's Artspace PS109



El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 is a community-driven project which will transform an abandoned public school building in East Harlem into an arts facility with 90 units of affordable live/work housing for artists and their families and 13,000 square feet of complementary space for arts organizations.

PS109 is an amazing building. Designed by Charles B.J. Snyder and completed in 1898, this structure is five stories tall with a steeply pitched roof. Exterior details include several copper-clad cupolas and a wealth of decorative terra cotta. After the building was boarded up in 1995, much of the terra cotta was removed; it has been restored as part of the project.

PS109 will contain 90 units of affordable live/work housing for artists and their families with 3,000 square feet available for a resident gallery in addition to 10,000 square feet of non-residential space for arts and cultural organizations on the ground floor and lower level. It will serve the El Barrio community by creating permanently affordable housing in a neighborhood at risk of gentrification. To help the area retain its traditional Latino identity, Artspace will reserve at least 50% of the units for current El Barrio residents.

Estimated Project Cost

$52 million


Hamilton Houston Lownie Architects
Victor Morales Architects

Development Partner

El Barrio's Operation Fightback

El Barrio mural
About the Neighborhood
El Barrio is the Latino cultural capital in New York City.