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Many artists say that living in an Artspace project is like "winning the lottery." We love that feeling, but don't want it to be so rare.


By supporting the Artspace Annual Fund, you can help preserve our 40+ existing projects as places where artists thrive and community is built. 

The Annual Fund also helps Artspace identify and advance new projects across the country, and it allows us to work closely with government officials, banks, community development agencies, and other civic institutions to understand how they can put artists at the heart of positive, sustainable community development.  

Over the past 30 years, Artspace has pioneered a new approach to an age-old problem. Rather than seeing artists as barriers to economic growth, we recognized distinct partners in building better communities. When we first proposed that cities invest in permanent spaces to support their low-income artists, most thought we were crazy. But the world is changing. Today, cities across the country are increasingly thinking about artists as core partners in sustainable, equitable development.

Please help us maintain this positive momentum - and unleash a next generation of art spaces - by making a gift to our Annual Fund today. To make a contribution, please:    


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Kate Tucker
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Artspace honors its most generous donors who make a commitment to the Annual Fund of $2,500 and above through the Builders Circle.

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If you share our long-term thinking and sustainability, please consider making a planned gift to Artspace.

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Spring 2017 Newsletter

A comprehensive glance of what’s new at Artspace spring 2017. Read supporter spotlights on Tashiro Kaplan Artist, Juan Alonso-Rodriguez and Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art artist, Harriet Bart; and a feature on the Bush Foundation's recent support, along with the Driehaus Foundation's lead gift on the Pullman Project in Chicago, and much more.

Courtesy Capitol One

Transforming Lives

Moving into this building has changed my life, it’s great to be in a place where everyone shares a common purpose.
Edward James Castrillon, Resident Artist, El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

Artspace transforms blighted neighborhoods

I’ve seen Artspace transform a blighted part of Santa Cruz, it was just desolate… a wasted area, they transformed it into an economic hub for the city.
Luis Garza, Artspace Tannery Lofts Resident Artist

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