Greg Foley

Director, Asset Management

Greg Foley is all of these, and sometimes more, but never less:

A father of three boys, an asset manager of Artspace properties in Seattle, Portland, Brainerd, and Minneapolis, a photographer whose work has been shown in several galleries, a Prince fanatic - and I mean fanatic, a yoga practitioner, a news junkie, IT manager for Artspace, a husband since 1993, a small town kid (graduated in a class of 36), an MBA, a writer of eight screenplays, a cyclist, a lover not a fighter, extremely cluttered but never disorganized, Beatles over Stones, a namedropper (well, I have met Bill Clinton, Hank Aaron, Michael Stipe, Cindy Crawford, Faith Hill, several Minnesota Vikings...), a collector of Beat Generation literature, a Down Syndrome advocate, a mixed media painter, and a generally positive person.