Joe Butler

Project Manager, Communications

Joe Butler joined Artspace in 2009 as a consultant focusing on cultural engagement and neighborhood development. He has a strong interest in the role of arts and culture within marginalized communities. He views them not only as social fabric, but as powerful networks  – often underutilized as economic engines, educational resources and community development tools.

Mr. Butler’s 20 years of experience in community planning and development includes community organizing, neighborhood planning, public engagement and grassroots organizational development. He has worked with private sector architecture and planning firms as well as nonprofit development organizations both nationally and internationally. His specific work areas have included community organizing, public housing advocacy, and community re-development strategies in New Orleans, Detroit, Atlanta, and Camden (1991-98), social redress planning and development in South Africa (1998-2005), and recovery planning and implementation in post-Katrina New Orleans (2006-09).