Matthew J. Modlinski

Matthew Modlinski

Matthew Modlinski, also known as Matt J, is a musician from Dearborn, Michigan. Modlinski has been playing guitar for 14 years. Inspired by his father, who was also a musician known as "The Mod," Modlinski began his musical career by learning how to play the bass guitar at 11 years old. Throughout high school Modlinski was in and out of metal bands influenced by Lamb of God, Pantera, Iron Maiden, and System of a Down. After high school, Modlinski made his debut as a performing electric guitarist for local bands.

In 2008, Modlinski joined his first band. First performing for a Comcast special, Get Local, their live performance was showcased On Demand. After 2009, Modlinski focused his attention on the recording arts. Returning from a hiatus, in 2014 Modlinski joined the band Variform. Since his time with Variform the band has released an EP titled “In Ashes,” available now on iTunes.

While in Variform, Modlinski was also involved with another project called Playground Myuzik. Working with Playground Myuzik, a hip-hop group, gave Modlinski the opportuntity to collaborate with other artists and experiment with his sound. 

Currently, Modlinski writes and performs his own music for his solo project under the name, Matt J. Collaborating frequently with local videographer and photograher, Charlie Beresford, Modlinksi has created projects such as the music video for his single "So High." With a style based in rhythmic guitar playing with tasteful lead articulation, Modlinski's sound contains an eclectic mix of heavy hip-hop, pop, and EDM influence.

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