Artspace Tampa Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the Artspace Tampa Initiative and our creative space needs survey. The survey is now closed. We hope you will stay connected to Artspace Tampa and remain involved in the effort to bring affordable live and work space to Tampa and the region's creative sector.

For more information about this initiative please see the FAQ below and be sure to visit Artspace Tampa for the most up to date information and call's to action.

If you are engaged in creative efforts and consider your work, product or practice to be a form of art, craft, a cultural/creative expression, or heritage preservation, then we probably will too. Many creatives don’t even think of themselves as artists. A member of the creative sector:

  • Has a sincere commitment to their creative-based work
  • May make things that are artistic, creative or functional, or all of the above! (woodturners, milliners, potters, writers, leather workers, artisanal foods/craft beverages, painters, performers, photographers, jewelers, floral arrangers, stylists)
  • May be engaged in any creative/artistic/cultural pursuits including visual/performing, culinary, literary, musical, administrative, museum, educational work or practices
  • May or may not make any income form their creative-based work (or may or may not aspire to)
  • May or may not create or practice full time (or may or may not aspire to)
  • Has or is developing a body of work or is actively training, practicing, and/or making
  • Comes from any and all walks of life

In September 2020, a group of passionate local leaders (Artspace Tampa Initiative) partnered with Tempus Projects to invite Artspace Projects, a national nonprofit leader in the field of affordable creative space development, to assess the potential for an affordable mixed-use, artist live/work facility in Tampa. The vision is to serve artists (and their families) who live or work in Tampa, and artists who would come to Tampa for the opportunity of new space.

A series of (virtual) focus group meetings with local artists, civic leaders and private-sector stakeholders revealed strong interest and opportunity and set the stage for the next big step conducted in the spring of 2021, a Creative Space Needs Survey of creative sector individuals. Input from artist helps us test our concept and determine if there is enough interest to warrant further investment and if so, what types and how many spaces should be planned, what amenities to include, and what “affordable” really means to the area’s artists, makers, and creatives.

The Artspace Tampa Initiative would not be possible without community support. We wish to thank funders for their generosity and the individual volunteers for the time, energy and talent they have donated toward moving this project forward. If you too would like to help support this effort, visit Artspace Tampa Initiative


Gobioff Foundation, Peter Lefferts, Bob Miles, Andrea Graham, Elizabeth Corwin, Ron Weaver, Eileen Goldenberg, Tracy Midulla, Dana & Chris Warner, Tony Palms, Jim Gramata, Debbi Shaffer, Jessica Todd, and Jose Gelats.


Steering Committee: Tonja Brickhouse, Neil Gobioff, Peter Lefferts (Chair), Tracy Midulla (ex-officio), Ned Pope, Debbi Shaffer (ex-officio), Jessica Todd (assistant project manager), and Michael Tomor.

Core Group: Brad Cooke, Emily Ghosh, Eileen Goldenberg, Andrea Graham, Sheree Greer, Alex Harris, Wendy Leigh,  Bob Miles, Margaret Miller, Robin Nigh, Paula Nunez, Lisa Reeves, Cynthia Rogers, Edgar Sanchez Cumbas, Emiliano Settecasi, Alex Sink, Selina Roman, Ann-Eliza Musoke Taylor, and Susana Weymouth


Neil Gobioff, Tracy Midulla, Selina Roman, Edgar Sanchez Cumbas, Emiliano Settecasi, Debbi Shaffer, and Jessica Todd.

TEMPUS PROJECTS:  is dedicated to nurturing established and emerging local, national and international artists through exhibitions and events. The non-profit organization promotes artists working in all media and originates, organizes, and hosts exhibitions that engage the Tampa Bay community through the visual arts.

Artspace Projects is a national nonprofit developer and consultant with a mission to “create, foster and preserve affordable and sustainable space for artists, and arts organizations”. Artspace Consulting is a division of Artspace and leading this phase of work in Tampa. This study is designed to inform any new creative space project(s) whether initiated by a local developer, property owner, arts group or by Artspace Projects in partnership with local stakeholders.

The survey is developed and owned by Artspace Consulting.

If you would like to receive occasional updates about this project, please visit Artspace Tampa.

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