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All new projects begin with a Preliminary Feasibility Study and Arts Market Study. We are happy to answer questions you may have about our process, and tell you more about our studies, which lay the foundation for our projects. Contact us!

Artspace developments normally span four to seven years. We are committed to community engagement as an essential part of the development process and each Artspace project is built to address the unique needs of a specific community. We believe that the key to a successful project is taking the time to observe and listen to artists, civic leaders and other stakeholders in the community. During the feasibility and development stages we research and build relationships with a variety of public and private funding sources. Though this can be a time-consuming process, it has an important upside: Artspace projects are fully supported and funded at the time of ground breaking.

A Preliminary Feasibility Study provides the community with a better understanding of its creative sector and what can be done to support it. In the Preliminary Feasibility Report, Artspace outlines tailored recommendations and next steps based on the feedback heard during the focus groups and public meeting. In most cases, moving onto the Arts Market Study is the next step on the path towards an Artspace project. But in certain instances it may be more beneficial to first build up the leadership and arts community, or pursue other arts developments with a local developer(s). Whatever the path, Artspace is committed to leaving each community with a better understanding of how they can support their creative sector, and to providing the tools to address local creative space needs and shortages. 

Artspace creates the space for arts and community activities to take place, but relies on local businesses and non-profits to fill the space and activate it. Artspace typically leases its commercial space on a long-term (1 year or longer) rental basis. During the Preliminary Feasibility Stage and Arts Market Study, Artspace looks to understand if there are possible businesses or organizations that could eventually be tenants in a future Artspace building. 

Artspace's Consulting team uses years of real estate knowledge in the nonprofit sector and artistic community to consult on the financial sustainability and space use plans for organizations. If you have a business plan for a new creative space, but need help understanding your square footage needs, selecting a site, or understanding governance structures, we are happy to discuss ways in which our team could be of assistance.