Arts Market Survey - Laguna Beach, California

Welcome Laguna Beach Area Artists and Creatives!

This survey is now closed. Thanks for your interest in ensuring affordable creative working and living spaces for artists.

Laguna Beach, CA Arts Market Survey

The City of Laguna Beach is leading the feasibility study phase of this initiative and has engaged Artspace, a national nonprofit as a consulting partner.

To develop policies and programs that offer artists the opportunity of long-term affordable creative space. One path could be new workspace and another, new initiatives that help artists remain in existing spaces that do not currently comply with local regulation and/or may require capital improvements.  Housing-only, live/work, work/live and studio or creative work-only spaces in Laguna Beach, are all the focus of this study. 

Your survey responses will influence the types of policies, spaces and programs that will be considered and prioritized in an effort to address the affordable space needs of Laguna Beach’s creative sector. 

At the request of City of Laguna Beach’s leadership, Artspace held a series of community meetings in August 2017 to elicit feedback and gauge interest in new creative space. Resulting recommendations to test further included a series of options ranging from new, small scale artist housing projects to a non-residential art center, to addressing zoning and density regulations that negatively impact the feasibility of long-term affordable creative spaces in Laguna Beach.  This survey is the next critical phase of this work.

We are interested in the individual space needs of all self-identified artists and creatives and those sharing and preserving their cultural traditions, who have a sincere commitment to their art, creative and cultural work in any and all of its forms. If you consider your work to be a form of art or creative expression, then we probably will, too.

Individuals need not make any income from their art or creative work or pursue their practice full time. We consider individuals to have a commitment to their art, cultural or creative work if they have or are developing a body of work, have studied or are actively training in their art/cultural/creative work, have a desire to grow as an artist or work professionally in their field and/or are actively engaged in the creation and expression of their art.

This survey is now closed. Thanks for your interest in ensuring affordable creative working and living spaces for artists.

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