Salida Creative Space Needs Survey



Welcome Creatives, Artists, and Makers!

The Salida creative space needs survey is now closed.

Thank you to all who shared your needs and ideas for affordable creative space in Salida, CO.  


*Artist credit: Michael Clark

Salida and the Salida Creative District have been selected, through a competitive process, as the location of the next creative facility to be developed under the Space to Create program. Space to Create is the first state-driven initiative in the U.S. for affordable space for creatives in rural communities. Artspace, a nonprofit with a mission to Create Foster and Preserve Affordable and Sustainable space for Artists and Arts Organizations, is the real estate development partner.

The first step in the process is a Preliminary Feasibility Study and this Creative Space Needs Study to assess demand for space, the potential to fund space, site opportunities, and local leadership, community member and other stakeholder support for a new facility.

To learn more about the partners behind Space to Create, and this Salida initiative, see the Partners and Funders section below.

If you are engaged in creative pursuits and consider that work to be a form of art, craft, a cultural or creative expression or heritage preservation, then we probably will too. A member of the creative sector:

  • Has a sincere commitment to their creative-based work.
  • May make things that are artistic, creative or functional or all of the above! (e.g., woodturners, milliners, potters, writers, leather workers, artisanal foods/craft beverages, painters, performers, photographers, jewelers, floral arrangers, stylists).
  • May be engaged in any creative/artistic/cultural pursuits including visual/performing, culinary, literary, musical, administrative, museum, educational work or practices.
  • May or may not make any income form their creative-based work (or may or may not aspire to).
  • May or may not create or practice full time (or may or may not aspire to).
  • Has or is developing a body of work or is actively training, practicing, and/or making.
  • Comes from any and all walks of life.

This study is made possible with the generous funding and support from:

The Boettcher Foundation

City of Salida

State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs


For more information about the Salida Space to Create local partners please visit:

City of Salida 

Salida Creative District 

For more information about Space to Create and its partners please visit:

Space to Create

Colorado Creative Industries at (Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT))

Colorado Department of Local Affairs 

History Colorado 

Boettcher Foundation 

Artspace and Artspace Consulting 


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