Eliane Harvey

Eliane Harvey was born in Criciuma, Santa Catarina, Brazil and is a self-taught artist who lerned a lot by reading about the old masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafael and others. Although she studied mechanical design at the SATC Technical School, she continued her art career while working for Cecrisa and Ceusa as a ceramic tile designer. The tiles that she designed were produced in Brazil and offered for sale in both Brazil and Europe.

Eliane currently lives in Fort Lauderdale at Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts with her husband James, who offers tremendous support and creates the perfect ambiance in which to paint.

Personal Statement

“Painting allows me to create my own universe.”

I am a painter with passion, an urge inside of me that can only be relieved by painting. Each canvas that I finish is a journey further into another realm as well as into myself. As I continue on my journey of painting, I find more fascination and freedom to explore. I have been involved in many solo and group exhibitions as well commissioned work. I continue to pursue every avenue so that I may share what I love to do with others.

“Painting is my special way of communicating.”

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