Elliott Ortiz C.

Photo: Jonny Rueda

Elliott Ortiz C. is a visionary artistic director, choreographer and producer who has extensive experience collaborating for Performing Arts institutions in South America, Europe, Canada and more recently in USA. He has choreographed more than 45 pieces over the last 30 years. His pieces range from creation of movements setting the choreography per ce, taking theater elements, actions, improvisations, creating a physical-theater with unique language, that evokes a poetic dimension of Hispanic dramatism in combination with Mephistophelean characters that provokes existential reflection. He has been mentored by Isaac Chocron, Lidija Franklin, Vicente Nebreda, Beatrice Viggianni, Ygor Zamora, Lainie Munro, Richard Pierlon, RoseAnne Spradlin, Kathryn Posin and some others…He holds a bachelor degree in Theater Production Management (IUDET – Caracas).

Elliott Ortiz C. is founder and Artistic Director of Danza 10; which under his leadership enriched the Center-West area in Venezuela with a provocative style of performances, and strong commitment to community outreach programs and cultural education in order to create new audiences. Base on that, Elliott founded with a group of cultural institutions : “Encuentro de Artes Escenicas D.10” (a Performing Art Festival between 1997/2005) and MEDLAM (Movimiento Escenico de Las Americas) with Wonder Moments. Later he created, also : D.10 Project. With Danza 10, Elliott is member of IUTA (International University Theater Association) – Belgium/Canada, and Mr. Ortiz was member of DTW (Dance Theater Workshop).

His company toured to France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Caribbean Islands, Canada and other international venues.

Headshot photo by Jonny Rueda. Photos on this page in order from left to right: Marc Bruxelle, John McGee, John McGee, J. Carranza, J. Rueda, J. Rueda, J. Carranza. 

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