Zoran Mojsilov

Zoran Mojsilov is from Serbia, and studied art at the University of Belgrade in the late 1970’s.  After his degree, he moved to Paris where he was an artist-in-residence from 1983- 85. 

Mojsilov’s thinking about sculpture changed when he relocated to the U.S.  With the availiblity of larger studios, Mojsilov’s sculptural assemblages increased in scale. Exhibiting at outdoor venues like Socrates Sculpture Park and Grounds For Sculputre also provided new opportunities for him. Since the late 80’s, he has completed numerous public art projects around the U.S. , France, and Serbia.

Nature continues to guide Mojsilov in assembling found and quarried stone, forged and stainless steel in models for future public art projects.  More fragile materials like wood, rope, found objects and other types of metal are used in his indoor pieces.

"Zoran Mojsilov: builder of massive sculpture, maker of strong drawings, mastermind of relationships, and purveyor of friendship. To each role he brings a forceful personality tempered with a lightness of being– in the middle of a rant or a rage he might burst out laughing. He hangs massive stones together with elegantly thin, steel rods. He repeatedly wins public art commissions through wit, charm, and keen insight into the possible functions of seemingly abstract sculpture to differing communities." —Laurel Reuter, Director, North Dakota Museum of Art. From her essay Zoran Mojsilov: The Power to Wake Up the Stones in the exhibition catalogue Zoran Mojsilov, 2009

Video: Zoran Mojsilov At Work

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