Mar 30, 2023

Art Hounds: Love, collaboration and Shakespeare

Artspace Northside Lofts
Originally published on March 30, 3023, through MPR. 


George Roberts, artistic director of Homewood Studios, recently attended the opening of a gallery exhibit at the new, nearby Northside Artspace Lofts. The building was designed as an affordable space for artists to live and work, complete with dance space and gallery. Roberts said he appreciated the variety of works in that gallery show, which is titled “Works in Progress.”


The exhibit “speaks about supporting young and new artists to have a space to show their work. And it speaks about a place where more accomplished mid-career artists have a place to act as mentors,” says Roberts, adding that beginning works that “show promise” were happily positioned next to accomplished, finished works. 


The exhibit “Works in Progress” is on view through May 7. Roberts notes that, since the building is also residential, the doors are locked. But if you ring the doorbell to enter, the gallery is accessible and easy to find.


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