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We help find solutions to art-related space needs. How it comes together depends on the needs, challenges and vision of the community.

Artspace Consulting is dedicated to helping communities advance the arts through space-related strategies. We can help you to:

Find New Opportunities

to provide affordable live/work or studio space for artists, homes for arts organizations, or space for other creative activities. We identify the most suitable buildings and sites, develop realistic capital and operating budgets with an eye to long-term sustainability, and offer practical advice about how to move a project forward.

Imagine a Place or Improve What Exists

such as an arts or cultural district, neighborhood, campus, or other cluster of people, buildings, and uses. We guide our clients through the process of refining their vision and review plans for arts districts, campuses, and centers—whether you're creating new, expanding, restoring or refining.

Exchange Knowledge

through articles, speaking engagements, presentations at conferences, and other gatherings attended by national policy-makers, urban planners, and community leaders of all kinds.


We work with cities, towns, counties, arts organizations & more to make arts-related space dreams a reality.  Tell us about your dream.

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The Preliminary Feasibility Visit kick-starts the process of creating affordable space for artists. It is the first step Artspace takes on its own development projects.

As part of this fact-finding process, the team meets with artists, city officials, funders, and other stakeholders. They look at multiple buildings and sites to start to visualize the project, and hold a public meeting to welcome community participation and generate a buzz.

If you build it they will come” may work in the movies, but has no place in real estate development. Before proceeding with any project, Artspace plans for success by measuring the market for arts and creative space.

The Arts Market Survey paints a clear picture of the demand for arts spaces in an area. A crucial step in the predevelopment process, it is instrumental in determining the size and nature of a market. Artspace Consulting also provides survey support to organizations across the country working to develop arts facilities in their own communities.

Each online survey is customized to reflect the unique characteristics of the project and local arts scene. Developing the questionnaire, publicizing it, collecting data and analyzing the results take about four to six months.

The Creative Spaces Consulting Visit focuses on a community’s vision for creating an arts facility or district. This visit is similar to a Preliminary Feasibility Visit, but offers a highly customized visit to address the specific goals of the community, especially when the result is not likely to be an Artspace-developed project. As a part of this service, an Artspace team tours the space under consideration; meets with artists, city officials, and other stakeholders; and conducts a public meeting.

We help communities address civic challenges such as finding a creative use for a city-owned property, evaluating the artist component of a project led by a for-profit developer, or assessing an arts district.

We help arts and cultural nonprofits plan for long-term sustainability by providing access to the underwriting skills of our real estate practitioners. For organizations considering purchasing, leasing, or co-locating, we help quantify critical-path questions and assist in decision-making.

The entire process is designed to clarify funding goals, establish recommended steps for raising the necessary funds, and provide a better understanding of capital needs and opportunity costs as well as current and future operating expenses.

The breadth and depth of the assessment depends on the specific needs, goals, and capacity of each organization. So before we get to work, we listen.

With over 30 years of experience, Artspace has found that each community has its own unique challenges and opportunities associated with their project. To meet communities’ current and future needs, Artspace Consulting has expanded its consulting services to include a number of customizable scopes of work.

Do you have an upcoming conference, workshop or gathering where Artspace can help? The Artspace team brings a breadth of knowledge about real estate development, finance, fundraising, marketing, communications, policy-making, advocacy, and community engagement – and how these areas relate to the arts. On top of that, we are all artists. We approach this work by avocation and collaborate across multiple sectors to advance spacemaking and placemaking projects.

In addition to conferences and workshops, we are also available for customized webinars that respond to your communities' and organizations' needs.

Let us inspire your group with the possibilities of transforming communities through the arts.

Artspace Immersion is an 18-month cohort program designed to build local capacity for creating and maintaining affordable space for arts, cultural, and creative pursuits. Cohort participants will build skills, strengthen their networks, and receive technical assistance to advance their space-related initiative.

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