Feb 29, 2024

Community Outreach Report | Carbondale, Colorado

Carbondale Community Outreach Report


In July of 2023, Artspace and the Town of Carbondale engaged a design team to begin the process of designing the Town Center project. The Town Center project comprises 1.4 acres in the heart of downtown.


Over the course of 9 weeks in August and September, the team conducted six in-person events, five small group interviews, an online survey, two community design work sessions, and two open houses. The survey had 280 respondents while in-person events reached over 200 people. 70 individual Carbondale-based organizations were identified and invited to participate in a questionnaire and group interviews. 20 organizations took advantage of this invitation, submitted questionnaires, and participated in the interviews. Organizations identified as stakeholders in this process were a tremendous asset in getting the word out and helped the survey achieve a high response rate.