Jun 12, 2023

Celebrating Juneteenth at City Hall Artspace Lofts

City Hall Artspace Lofts

City Hall Artspace Lofts / Courtesy of H2BE


In Dearborn, Michigan, years of progress toward truth, reconciliation, and community engagement have paved the way for positive change. We are thrilled to share the schedule of upcoming Juneteenth events at City Hall Artspace Lofts that showcase the incredible talent and creativity of Black artists.  



Forging Paths of Healing

In collaboration with Dearborn mayors, police chiefs, and other civic leaders, the Black and African American communities have been able to foster conversations that address the complex issues arising from the city's history, allowing for positive change. The city supported the Homage to Black Excellence (H2BE) research study conducted by Florida A&M University and funded by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan's CPII Program. Initiatives like these have created safe spaces for the Black community to share their experiences with city officials, resulting in improved community safety and opportunities for healing. 


Also known as Homage2be, H2BE is an organization dedicated to celebrating and honoring Black excellence in various domains, such as literature, art, and music. Their efforts have given rise to vibrant creative events in Dearborn's Downtown Business District, including the Silent East Disco, Music in the Park, First Fridays, and the Google My Business Entrepreneurs Series.



Juneteenth at City Hall Artspace Lofts

Past Juneteenth Celebration. Corporal Marvin Sanders of Dearborn’s Police Department leading a morning group exercises / Courtesy of H2BE



Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll

One particularly noteworthy initiative organized by H2BE is the Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll. This event has played a crucial role in dispelling negative narratives about Dearborn's Black population. Black Americans accounted for a disproportionate number of arrests and citations in the city. The event aims to bring together law enforcement, Black and African American residents, workers, and visitors to foster a safer and more inclusive community.


Dearborn's city hall building, which was once marred by its history, accomplished a remarkable transformation. Since becoming an Artspace property in 2015, it has evolved into Michigan's largest arts campus. Today, it proudly hosts the Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll, symbolizing a catalyst for change. Artspace and the local creative community continue to be supporters of the event, demonstrating the commitment to historically marginalized and underserved communities.



Juneteenth at City Hall Artspace Lofts

Past Juneteenth Celebration. State Representative Jewel Jones modeling Al Wissam / Courtesy of H2BE



Join Us in Celebrating Black Excellence

The Juneteenth Mobility Stroll and Roll not only celebrates Black culture but also commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. The event will take place at City Hall Artspace in Downtown Dearborn, providing ample space to explore and appreciate the incredible art on display. We warmly invite everyone to join us in this inspiring celebration of Black excellence.


Visit H2BE's event page to learn more about their lineup of Juneteenth celebrations. 

This piece was written by Dr. Julia Kapilango, Director of Operations and Communications of H2BE's Dearborn Annual Juneteenth Weekend of Celebrations, and resident artist of City Hall Artspace Lofts.
Edited by Kevin Duong, Manager of Communications & Community Engagement at Artspace Projects.