Artspace Immersion

Helping turn big ideas into achievable plans. 

Artspace Immersion is a capacity-building program for arts and cultural organizations planning for new space. With a cohort-based approach, Immersion empowers arts leaders to make informed decisions about space. By participating in the cohort, these organizations receive expert guidance, local connections, and a learning community to help them navigate the real estate process. 

Curriculum is based on the Artspace Development and Planning Tool (ADAPT), which covers the Six Elements of Space Planning:

  • Leadership
  • Project Concept
  • Cost Analysis
  • Location
  • Funding
  • Communications

Artspace has long played the role of translator between creative communities and real estate to help create more equitable access to suitable and affordable space. The Immersion curriculum draws upon three decades of experience developing, operating, and consulting on affordable arts facility projects across the country to deliver both a theoretical and practical approach to project planning. 

An Unlikely Duo
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A lot of people have ideas, but not enough people are making plans--so organizations who need help planning would benefit greatly from the Artspace program.

Dalton Outlaw, Elements Boxing Gym
Immersion Cohorts
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