Build Sustainability

A $5 million goal in support of the Artspace Impact Campaign

A fund that will steward existing assets, and galvanize Artspace's impact in the field. 

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Why Artspace Matters
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Proposed uses of this fund include:

  • Provide Artspace's Asset Management division with community development training expanded technical tools, and resources to improve support systems for over 2,000 low-income creative families within Artspace properties across the country–with these homes providing the basis for residents' creativity, health, wellness, and wealth-building opportunities. 
  • Maintain guarantee obligation to lenders and investors, and ensure Artspace's ability to create stability for families and small businesses. 
  • Support preservation needs across Artspace's nationwide portfolio of buildings, including historic properties, that provide affordable homes for thousands of creative individuals and their families; and over 650 small businesses, creative enterprises, and nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.  


For more information about Transforming Communities, Transforming Lives, visit the Impact Campaign page.