Jerod Howard

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Jerod's on-screen portrayal of Elliot in the internationally released Indy thriller October Moon has been cited as "realistic, simmering, and ultimately combustive." On stage, he made his Chicago debut in a theatrical version of Tarantino's cult hit  Pulp Fiction. Since then, he has performed in roles from classic to contemporary... including the absurd.

He recently reprised the role of Milo Tindle in Anthony Shaffer's two-man tour de force Sleuth, and appeared as Husband in John Olive's pulp thriller for the stage, Killers.

From Jerod: "My work in acting is a culmination of all that inspires me. Life. The human condition along with the desire to be so much more than what we appear to be. Our stories define us.  Stories of conflict that rise above, as well as the tragic.  The ability to express life, appreciate it and not just imitate it. I see acting as a tool to deepen our connection to the soul through storytelling. My goal is to continue to be a working artist, to create and if I am lucky… to inspire.

My parents were an early artistic inspiration for me. There was always music played in our house. The songs would paint visual pictures in my head. They would play out and fuel my imagination. Eventually I wanted to be a part of those pictures.  Being raised in a large city, I was exposed to a variety of cultures and ideas that challenged the world and my understanding of it.

I have always been drawn to the arts, a melting pot. The collaborators.  The storytellers. These are my muses. I use every tool in the box I can bring to realize their stories. Strong. Fragile. Unpredictable.  

I live to learn and continue to collaborate in all aspects, but with a little leash… my drive is to recognize the soul and then bring it."

Jerod is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and can also be found online at IMDb.