A Letter From Kelley Lindquist


A letter from Artspace President, Kelley Lindquist

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On behalf of the Artspace and The Cowles Center, we join in the collective mourning for the lost life of George Floyd, and we are with you in solidarity, against the unjust circumstances that lead to his tragic death 11 days ago.
This is a time of deep trauma for all of us in America. For Artspace, it is important to note that this atrocity hits close to home. Many Artspace staff live in South Minneapolis and other areas impacted by civil unrest. The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC), which is an Artspace building, is located steps away from where the murder of George Floyd occurred. Since the horrible tragedy occurring at the intersection of 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis, CAFAC has become a sacred place where an outpouring of memorials and flowers now line up in front of our building, as well as in front of neighboring buildings.
Artspace is committed to anti-racism. In this time of grief and deep reflection, we understand that we must take far more explicit steps to uproot the entrenched racism that is inherent in so many institutions in America.
We are appreciative that so many of you, who support our mission and vision locally across the country, have reached out to our board and staff in concern. Please consider donating to the local organizations safeguarding our communities in the Twin Cities and those who are providing resources for those seeking social change. A list of resources can be found at artspace/for-change.
As we all find our way toward a path of true freedom and justice for all, let us walk together.

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Kelley Lindquist, President, Artspace.