Sep 25, 2019

Looking Ahead: Giving Back

As we move towards the end of the year, giving and generosity are frequently top of mind. What forms do you see “Giving Back” take within your community?


Benja Wuest, Resident Artist, Artspace Jackson Flats

We at Artspace Jackson Flats feel community is a priority both within our living space, and as a point of convergence within the greater Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. We look to give back to the community through addressing sensitive issues and creating positive discussion around topics such as censorship, body positivity, sexuality, and race that bring communities closer together in solidarity. We take pride in being a space that provides new and upcoming artists a place to exhibit, and are glad to offer access to amenities such as workspaces, workshops, and photography of artwork to artists who may not otherwise have access. Our community is incredibly supportive of us, and we are trying to give back the best we can to support art; positive, safe discussion; and community.


Herman J. Milligan, Jr., Ph.D., Artspace Board Member

I reside within a global community of what I call Caring Givers. Individuals, small companies, and large corporations (nonprofit and for-profit) who give back in terms of their financial resources, intellectual capital, and volunteer labor to improve the human condition within a social justice framework. Irrespective of were we reside on the planet, I believe these are the fundamental values and behaviors that can help ensure that such resources are maximized to yield the greatest good for the greatest number.


Sara Remke, Owner, Black Dog Café, Northern Warehouse Artist Lofts

At the Black Dog Café, giving back is a year-round activity. Service is a basic tenant of our philosophy. Kindness and generosity in our neighborhood, with our customers, and among our staff are forms of giving back that create community.

All photos courtesy of the subjects.