Lucas Koski

Director, Property Development

Lucas Koski is a Director of Properties at Artspace, having previously worked in both Artspace’s Asset Management and Consulting & Strategic Partnerships departments. He is a former resident of Artspace’s Tilsner Artists’ Cooperative in Saint Paul, and is a multidisciplinary artist who balances big picture concepts with detailed minutiae, explores mise en place with produce and protein, programs in pseudo-public places, and loves the business side of art.

He is a proud graduate of Carleton College and has lived a professional and artistic life through creative and professional event production, dynamic installations, and functional art, often using cuisine as metaphor. As a board member of the Creative Enterprise Zone, Lucas helped the organization establish earned revenue streams through the creation of a real estate department that helps place creative businesses in Saint Paul; he also helped guide the creation of Creative Enterprise Zone’s mural festival, Chroma-Zone (a first of its kind in Minnesota).

Lucas fervently believes that the answer to the challenges of tomorrow will be met by the meticulous planning and creative leadership of today. He has been a Jerome, Wilder, Knight, ArtPlace America and McKnight Foundation grantee, an Elsewhere resident, an Art Shanty-er, a member of Intermedia Arts' Creative Community Leadership Institute, a member of Saint Paul’s 2040 Visioning Project, A James P. Shannon Institute member, a fellow of the Young Cultural Innovators Forum of the Salzburg Global Seminar, and has created photovoltaic sculptures mimicking rain cycles for the Bakken Museum.

When he is not at Artspace, you may often find Lucas on his bike, at the market, with his son, listening to some jams, or thinking about noodles.