Monica L. Williams

Monica Williams
Monica L Williams is a NYC based curator, cultural producer and theater director whose work has been presented at leading performing arts institutions across the United States including Brooklyn Academy of Music, the World Famous Apollo Theater, and John F. Kennedy Center.  She received training in theater and cross-sector art at Wright State University and New York University.  With ingenuity, she applies the aesthetics of theater to cultivate new ideas, explore suspension of time, place and memory and blur the lines of what is real vs. imagined to examine human engagement within community.  African Diasporic values, traditions and practices are explored in her work and offer a framework for collaboration in youth development, audience engagement and community transformation.  She is the founder of Creative Legacy Projects, whose latest incubation, #LOVEHUSTLE, invites global conversation about art. love. and the pursuit of dreams.   #LOVEHUSTLE features performed installations about art, love, pursuit of dreams and a good quality of Life.  Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter @tfalovehustle
Testimonials about Creative Legacy Projects

“Working with Monica to reach the next level of growth for Bailey’s Cafe was truly a gift. Not only does she bring her deep understanding of the creative process, community building and organizational development but Monica also has a unique understanding of the needs, challenges and strengths of grassroots organizations working on social justice issues through an arts focus. She models the type of leadership necessary to reconcile the needs of the community with the infrastructural demands of maintaining a healthy, vibrant organization.” -Stefanie Siegal, Executive Director, Bailey’s Cafe, Brooklyn, NY

“A thoughtful and thought provoking perspective to ‘Saved’ and my artistic process. Our sessions were an anchor and I’m grateful for the focus and support that came from that.” -Kara Lynch, Artistic Visionary, ‘Saved’, Harlem, NY

Monica guided the development and curriculum of an innovative project focused on creating arts activities with children and families in the visitors lobby of the local jail in Louisville. She excels in every stage of project development: conceptualization, realization, identifying allies, coalition building, guiding new learning and problem solving. She is a great colleague and co-worker!” -Judi Jennings, Director Special Project, Louisville, KY

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