Jul 10, 2017

Artspace Lofts Construction Moving in Downtown Mesa


More artists will be flocking into Mesa’s city limits by next year thanks to the new Artspace Lofts being built at 155 S. Hibbert St.


The 50-unit complex is designed to offer artists a live-and-work environment by including 2,900 square feet for creative exploration with spaces for classes, studios, galleries, food pantries and more. Set to be completed in May 2018, these lofts are Artspace’s first venture in Arizona.

Cindy Ornstein, Mesa Arts and Culture director, said Mesa is growing as a place for creative activity and is ripe for its next stage of development, making the Artspace Lofts debut come at the most opportune time.  

One longtime artist, Connell Little, is interested in moving into the lofts for their proximity to the Mesa Arts Center and to be able to collaborate with like-minded, creative thinkers. Little has been creating studio art for over 50 years. He describes his pieces as painting with installation, often incorporating different surfaces, images, and text into painting.


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