Jun 6, 2017

Michigan City reading series marks first anniversary next week

Poet and Literary Underground founder Michele McDannold's monthly Legit AF reading series celebrates its first anniversary in Michigan City's Uptown Arts District next Monday.


McDannold has given a stage at the Artspace Uptown Artist Lofts Building to local artists, and brought in notable writers from across the country. 


"At the foundation of all our activities is the belief that the creative process and experience should not be reserved for those with disposable income," she said. "As long as there are voices that are marginalized, I'll keep turning the lights on. Working in this vein is essential to a thriving arts community. I feel very fortunate to be living and working in the Artspace Uptown Artists Lofts, inarguably an essential component to Michigan City's Uptown Arts District. This is my small but persistent way of giving back.".....