May 30, 2016

Nonprofit group visits Woodstock to help determine use for Old Courthouse, Sheriff's House

People in Woodstock are motivated to find a solution on how to use the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House, Wendy Holmes said, but the city just needs a little bit of technical assistance to get there.

Holmes, senior vice president of consulting and strategic partnerships with Artspace, said the Minneapolis-based nonprofit met with more than 100 community members during the group’s recent trip to the city, and is now writing a report with proposed uses for the historic properties.

“We learned that there’s a community that really wants to showcase that building, and that it’s kind of the last missing piece of figuring out how to utilize the buildings downtown,” Holmes said.

The report, which Holmes said is expected to be finished in five to seven weeks, will provide ideas for a mixture of uses for the property, with an emphasis on art uses.

One of the challenges in finding a use for the space is that there is about 18,000 square feet of usable space in both the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House, Holmes said.


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