Jul 13, 2017

Survey could bring multi-million dollar project to Utica

view of the city of Utica


The City of Utica has the potential to earn a multi-million dollar arts development project.


Mayor Palmieri, Artspace representatives, Cornell Rust to Green Urban Studio and the City's Utica Artspace Committee announced an online Utica Artspace Arts Market Survey that is now live online at www.UticaArtspaceSurvey.org

The group issued a call to action from the regional arts community to take the survey - setting the stage for a potential $20 million arts development project in the city.

Artspace representatives returned to Utica on Wednesday, as a follow-up to their Utica Artspace Feasibility Study conducted in fall of 2015. As a result of their last visit, which included tours of potential project locations, Utica received a positive report which deemed the city as a qualified potential candidate for a multi-million dollar Utica Artspace development project.

The visit included several focus group discussions and the launch of the online Utica Artspace Arts Market Survey that will help the national organization to gauge the level of regional interest and specific space needs of the arts community.

Artspace is a developer of arts facilities. Artspace housing units are maintained by Artspace as affordable artist housing to households earning at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income. To date, the national Artspace organization has completed nearly 2,000 affordable live/work spaces for artists and their families as well as more than a million square feet of non-residential space for artists and arts organizations to use their expertise to support, promote, present and/or teach their art form -- and market their skills and work.

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