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Rochelle  House

Rochelle House is a Seattle based vocalist/ songwriter/ recording artist/ educator and social activist. After spending 20 years raising children exclusively, she now is an active member of Seattle’s Music Community. Her debut disc Dreams of Love, earned her a nomination for Earshot’s Golden Ear Awards, in the vocalist of the year category. Her second CD Water earned her nominations for both Vocalist of the Year, and Recording of the Year. Rochelle’s third CD Songs from a Bookmark, released in early 2014, is a group of songs, “written out in the garden when my four children were little, mostly during nap times. They are strange and kind of pretty songs. During that period I didn't have a piano and I only knew how to play the few chords on the guitar that my father had shown me when I was little. I was devoted to Joni Mitchell and under the spell of Springsteen's Nebraska while living surrounded the 80s music scene in Los Angeles. I was living completely in denial of the music theory and jazz music that I had loved so much before my children came along."

Rochelle’s cross-genre musical compositions and performances have led to the creation of New House Orchestra - An ensemble of emerging musical genius. Composed of individuals whose genius lie not only in their ability to express themselves in the genre in which they were trained, but in their unique ability and willingness to create music that lies outside of genre and inside the present moment - with a joyful and careful abandon. 

Rochelle is the Founder and Director of the Neighbor Children’s Choir which is free to the children of the neighborhood and welcomes children of all abilities to come together and sing. 

Rochelle is combining her passion for music with her deeply felt responsibilities to the people of the world. As a student of anti-racism she is willing to look critically at herself and the institutions that she works with create the best possible experience for everyone. 

She has a masters degree in Whole Systems Design which enhances her ability to conceive and design, with the understanding that there is possibility even in the most difficult moments. Devoted to creating an equitable education for all of our children, she sees the greatest role of the educator is to make sure that our students of color find a comfortable and intriguing environment in which to study, and be given the opportunity to learn the music of their ancestry, regardless of their families income.

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