Shaela Wilson

Executive Assistant
612.333.9012, Ext. 260
Cell Phone

Shaela Wilson graduated from the Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago, in 2004. She then began to freelance while pursuing her dream of owning her own FedEx Kinkos. Shortly after that idea was born-- and after giving birth to two dance machine, lip gloss-popping divas; and after reading “The Secret”-- she began working at Artspace Projects in 2010. From making coffee and scheduling appointments to drawing up leases and managing the Artspace database, Shaela puts her awesome multi-tasking skills to work at Artspace daily. She is not limited to being the Queen of the front desk, however-- she was also MVP of the Minneapolis Pee Wee League Championship game in 1991.

In her free time, she likes to draw, spend time with her two lovely daughters, watch popcorn pop in the microwave,  watch the exercise channel while eating that butter-soaked popcorn from the couch.