Shoreline Creative Space Survey

Affordable artist housing and work spaces


Thank you for your interest in our creative space needs survey. The survey is now closed. 

For more information about this proposed project and partners, please see below. If you would like to stay in touch about the results of this survey and the proposed project, please contact Shorelake Arts. 

The  Vision:

We are working on a proposal to develop new affordable space for the creative sector in Shoreline. ShoreLake Arts envisions a creative complex that would be home to ShoreLake Arts, provide space for other arts nonprofits, and offer unique living and work spaces for artists, craftspeople, makers, creatives, culture bearers and producers.  


In 2021, ShoreLake Arts contacted Artspace about assessing possibilities for a new home for the organization and its programs that would also support other local arts nonprofits and provide affordable artist housing. As a North King County community that shares a border with Seattle and anticipates the opening of two Sound Transit Link stations, the City of Shoreline (a partner in this effort) and ShoreLake Arts know all too well the challenge of affordable space. Artspace delivered a report that revealed a strong opportunity to make ShoreLake Arts’ vision a reality.  Time is of the essence for this diverse and growing community to act. Space development and costs won’t get easier. We need more detailed plans, and  this survey will give us data to use for those plans. 

Anonymous survey data will be used to identify the spaces, amenities, and features most needed and preferred by respondents, as well as to identify what “affordable” really means for those interested in space.

A report will be delivered to ShoreLake Arts and shared with the City of Shoreline, King County, State representatives, and other local government and interested agencies. Both survey responses and Artspace’s recommendations will be used to advocate for support from area stakeholders, raise funds, refine the project concept, and design new space that meets the unique needs of our creative sector.

ShoreLake Arts is leading this effort with support and funding from the City of Shoreline, 4Culture, King County, and generous donors. 

A Core Group of community members have volunteered their time to help advance this survey work and the vision of new, affordable space. We thank them for their contributions:

  • Philip Attipoe
  • Ashlie Beach 
  • Eric Friedli
  • Lorie Hoffman
  • Jason Huff
  • Jack Malek
  • Geoff Ott
  • Bob Pfeiffer
  • Subhash Ram Prajapati
  • Tracy Thorleifson
  • Esther Wu
  • Crystal YingLing

The survey is developed and owned by Artspace Consulting.

Artists and community are the heart of ShoreLake Arts. "Arts 4 All" has been our motto from the beginning -- our festivals, events, classes and Gallery connect our community with artists from around the region and across the state. ShoreLake Arts' public events are free or low cost, and range from Concerts in the Park to the Shoreline Short Short Film Festival. The Gallery showcases the work of more than 120 local artists and our education program will provide high quality visual art classes and workshops to nearly 700 people this year, with a focus on grades K-12.  

Why this project? Because ShoreLake Arts does not have a dedicated space, we rely on others for space to teach, present and produce arts programs. We envision a world where artists can afford to live where they work. Where ShoreLake Arts can produce culturally rich, quality arts programs that engage audiences of all ages, where children – and adults– experience and learn the arts in their myriad forms, and where a vibrant creative economy offers everyone meaningful access to art and art-making. The path to achieving this vision lies with building a new space -- a space dedicated to the arts and artists, a space for the community to gather, learn, connect, and celebrate the arts in all their forms, a space where creatives can afford to live, create, teach and enrich our community.

We welcome your interest and support.

Artspace is a Minneapolis-based, national nonprofit developer and consultant with a mission to “create, foster and preserve affordable and sustainable space for artists, and arts organizations.” Artspace Consulting is a division of Artspace and leading this phase of work. The organization owns and operates 58 artist communities in 43 states, including 4 in the state of Washington.

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