A Social Justice and Equality Statement from Artspace President, Kelley Lindquist

Friends, Family, and Community Members,

Artspace supports social justice and equality for all peoples. We acknowledge the injustice and discrimination which occurs everyday. Artspace is committed daily to examining our own culture and values, looking within our own organization and the diverse communities we serve to root out systemic racism. 

We are in a defining moment in history. Let us seize it. Let us hold our friends and family close, and collectively use this moment to bring meaningful change to the current state of social justice and racial inequity in our country. Artspace works diligently to continue our work and individual actions to create a culture of safety and vibrancy for those who feel most vulnerable right now and in the future. We are hopeful that this moment will be the spark to ignite real conversations about inequity and fairness. We still have a long way to go, but in the name of creating a world where no human being should live in fear of the powers that be, we will persevere. 

Artspace encourages everybody to take time for self care, for loved ones, and to reach out to and support each other in our communities. 

Healing starts with unity and compassion. Change starts with each of us. 

Kelley Lindquist, President