Stacey L. Mickelson

Vice President, Government Relations
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Stacey Mickelson joined the Artspace team in 2001. Mr. Mickelson was raised in Minot, North Dakota, and represented that community for six years in the North Dakota House of Representatives. Elected in 1994, he was one of the youngest legislators in the state’s history. He went on to win subsequent elections in 1996 and 1998 before retiring from elective office.

As Vice President of Government Relations he was responsible for the public funding effort of the Minnesota Cowles Center campaign, leading a team that secured $12 million from the Minnesota Legislature. He has also secured nearly $1 million in federal funds for education efforts at the Cowles Center for Dance, resulting in the creation of a national, award-winning, technology-based distance education program with a global reach.Together with Artspace staff and other leaders, he has helped secure additional funds, numbering in the millions, to support other key projects in the Artspace portfolio.

In 2008, as part of a consortium of other Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) housing developers, Mickelson helped influence change in federal policy that clarified the General Public Use Requirement of the LIHTC Code to explicitly protect the creation of affordable live/work spaces for artists and their families.

In addition to his VP role at Artspace, Mickelson works within the National Advancement division of Artspace.