Suzi Holland

Suzi Holland

As a conceptualist, I long to tell a story with everything I make. Whether I'm painting, drawing, photographing, or writing stories, I am engaged in the idea behind it and I immerse myself in that story. My interest in the human body lures me into the psychology that lies beyond the surface of flesh. My drawings of figures are not simply grounded in the study of anatomy, rather they are representative of the spiritual expression in which I seek the language that is unconsciously communicated. 

My oil paintings have evolved from the figurative to abstract landscapes. My current project, photographing one of Loveland's beautiful lakes, is a series inspired by my walks. I am drawn to the endless changes of light from sunrises to sunsets. I have captured three years of seasons, to date. 

What speaks to me is an urge to embrace the beauty of light and reflections on the watery surface of the lake. The spaciousness of sky mingled with atmosphere and water that surrounds us daily seems to go unnoticed by many, but I am captured by it.

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