Tionenji Aiken

Director, Communications
Tio speaking on a panel for Artspace's Breaking Ground Conference (2016), on the gentrification of Lowertown

Tionenji Aiken (Tio Aiken) is the Director of Communications for Artspace Projects Inc. Recruited to Artspace in 2016 as the Communications Manager, Aiken has shifted the Artspace brand to focus on multi-format storytelling with a deep desire to highlight the intersectionality of Artspace's diverse residential communities and partnerships nationwide. Aiken is also the Program Director for the Rafala Green Fellowship program, a two-year fellowship that promotes equity and inclusion in non-profit real-estate by training the next generation of POCI emerging leaders working at the intersection of arts, real-estate, and community development.

Aiken is also a practicing poet and a champion of anyone using their creative expression to make space in the world for positive change. She currently sits on the advisory boards of Made Here MN and Giant Steps MN, and the Board of Directors for the Twin Cities Jazzfest.

Tionenji is delighted to work at a place where her personal, professional, educational and creative background are intimately tied and can inform her daily work. She feels uniquely linked to and passionate about the Artspace mission because she was raised in Lowertown Artists Lofts, an early Artspace development that predates the organization.