Grain Belt Studios

Responding to Artists in Need

77 & 79 Thirteenth Avenue N.E. Minneapolis, MN, 55413


The Grain Belt Bottling House (1906) and adjacent Warehouse (1910) served as vital components of the historic Grain Belt Brewery complex in Northeast Minneapolis for seven decades. Designed by the Minneapolis firm of Boehme and Cordella, who also designed the mansion that houses the American Swedish Institute, these matching two-story buildings have identical yellow brick facades and large arched windows. 

While the majestic brewhouse across the street stood vacant for nearly three decades after the brewery closed in 1975, the Bottling House and Warehouse soon filled up with artists and creative businesses looking for inexpensive studio and office space. By the late 1990s, however, the neighborhood around the brewery had begun to gentrify. When the City of Minneapolis announced plans to sell the buildings, the artists approached Artspace with a request to buy and operate them as affordable non-residential facilities. 

Acquisition of the Bottling House and Warehouse has preserved nearly 130,000 square feet of space for artists and creative businesses that might otherwise have been converted into market-rate offices or condominiums. Both buildings are in excellent condition, and the Bottling House boasts a large atrium used exclusively for arts-related events.  

Funders: The Northeast Minneapolis Artists Association; the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization

Financial Partners: City of Minneapolis; TCF Bank

est. 2005

Type of Development:

Commercial Space

Total Square Footage: