Pathways: A Native Space Initiative

The online program seeks to strengthen the capacity of Native American arts and cultural organizations, who look to develop and sustain creative spaces in their communities.

Pathways: A Native Space Initiative


Pathways: A Native Space Initiative is a new, 12-month capacity-building program for Native American arts and cultural organizations in need of new space or improved existing space. As part of a virtual cohort, members will:

  • Develop an effective project management plan to advance their projects,
  • Confidently communicate to stakeholders the project through construction/renovation phases and into operations,
  • Develop a space plan centered on community values and appropriate for cultural and artistic practices.


Unsure if the Pathways Program could be helpful to your organization? Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Are we outgrowing our current space?
  • Do we have the amenities that our staff needs?
  • Are we able to archive ancestral objects?
  • Should we lease or buy a new space?


Or maybe your organization knows that it needs a plan, but just doesn’t know where to start. Pathways is a great place to begin.

How We Meet

Members of the cohort will meet virtually each month using the Howspace platform. Monthly sessions include workshops, panel discussions, and one-on-one tutorials with Artspace staff – all part of a collective-learning approach.


Cohort Curriculum

Through a virtual platform, participants will be guided through a curriculum that covers the fundamentals of real estate development, like proformas, capital and operational sources and uses, space planning, space management, and space operations. In addition to traditional online learning, Pathways also will offer opportunities to network with real estate professionals and other key stakeholders and organizations related to space development and provide one-on-one training from professionals and Artspace staff.


Pathways Advisory Group

Click here to learn more about our 2022 inaugural Advisory Group, committed to guiding the development of the Pathways experience.


Special Acknowledgement

For 40+ years Artspace's mission has been to create, foster, and preserve affordable and sustainable spaces for artists and arts organizations. We work with organizations and municipalities to plan the spaces they need to deliver programs and services to their communities. Artspace combines the tools of real estate with an understanding of the creative sector to provide technical assistance, feasibility and market research, and coaching services to assist arts and cultural organizations with their unique space initiatives. Whether it is a mixed-use development or a long-term lease, we help our clients create sustainable, affordable, and equitable spaces.

The influence that First Peoples Fund and Lakota Funds have had on Artspace has been instrumental in its work with diverse Native American organizations and Native communities looking for assistance with their space goals. Artspace recognizes First Peoples Fund and Lakota Funds as thought leaders in creating social and economic change by putting artists and culture bearers at the center of community development. It is with deep gratitude to First Peoples Fund and Lakota Funds that Artspace has been welcomed into this inspiring work in honoring the Collective Spirit © of the First Peoples of this nation.

Artspace's work in tribal communities:

2022 Application Process

Sep 19 — Application opens

Sep 27 & 28 — Application assistance days

Nov 2 — Application closes

Nov 8 — Notification of Interview Round

By Nov 22 — Notification of Acceptance

Week of Dec 8 — Program Begins

Cohort Meetings


Session 1 – Project Management

Panel 1 – Established Art and Cultural Spaces

Session 2 – Cultivating Relationships & Partners

Session 3 – Project Concept

Session 4 – Location

Panel 2 – Design & Construction

Session 5 – Cost Analysis

Panel 3 – National Art and Cultural Intermediaries Panel

Session 6 – Communication

Session 7 – Raising Capital and Fundraising

Panel 4 – Communications and Capital Campaigns Panel

Wrap up Project