Mar 6, 2024

Given the Opportunity, Creatives will Thrive | Artspace Impact Campaign

Kaddatz Artist Lofts

Kaddatz Artist Lofts


Now in its second year, Artspace’s Impact Campaign seeks to do just that—amplify our impact. This ambitious $15 million capital campaign seeks to give back to its communities through three major pillars: opportunity, equity, and sustainability. Each of these cooperating funds has been allocated a separate fundraising goal to fulfill a different area of support across Artspace’s mission. 


The $7 million opportunity pillar is a fund that will allow Artspace to more strategically and quickly develop mixed-use affordable housing projects in rural and urban communities across the country. This pillar will provide essential predevelopment funds, place transformative projects in communities that need them most, and support partnerships with local stakeholders to ensure equitable community development that meets and serves community needs. Initially, this fund will develop 500 units of affordable housing in BIPOC and marginalized communities. 


Specific projects that will benefit from this pillar include 

  • Artspace Windgate Campus. The 60-unit project is set to break ground in the coming months. 
  • Artspace Utica Lofts. The 43-unit project celebrated its groundbreaking in December.  
  • Artspace Colorado Springs. The 51-unit project began its construction last year and with funds from the Impact campaign will be completed this year. 
  • Artspace Feed & Grain. Thanks to funds already raised from the Impact Campaign, these nine live/work units are just about ready to begin leasing up.  


Once these projects are completed, they will join the Kaddatz Artist Lofts and other developments that have had long-lasting impacts on their surrounding communities. The Kaddatz Artist Lofts and Gallery is a landmark downtown Fergus Falls building that sat empty for some 30 years and withstood roosting pigeons, a fire, and decades of rain coming in—until a grassroots historic preservation effort sprang up. Artspace responded to the community's call, and today, the thriving arts hub is part of a larger arts ecosystem that is widely regarded as a model for rural arts communities. 

There is a whole big thing happening right here in Fergus Falls, but this little Artspace community started something that I would have never dreamt of. People have flourished here individually, as well as what they have offered to the community as a whole. Artspace gives people a whole new opportunity, a whole new start... In this small little community, the smallest of Artspace buildings has impacted hundreds of lives as a direct result.

Karen Ouren, On-site Property Manager and Artist Resident
Artspace Colorado Springs
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